Stallion Rail One Round Stakes

To be held Sunday 9 June from 5pm in the Indoor Arena after the cross country phase of Melbourne International 3 Day Event. Great fun for riders and spectators.

This is an exciting, and hotly contested, One Round Speed class featuring the “Kings Throne” where the fastest rider will sit and wait until they can be beaten by the next rider to record the fastest time. Competitors must dress up in costume and have their own themed music. Height maximum of 1.04cm and open to EA members / riders 14 years or over.

Prizemoney and prizes:  1st Place $500, 2nd Place $300, 3rd Place $200, 4th place $100

Entries Open 15 May     ENTER HERE

Entries Close 31 May.  Entries will be limited, (balloted on performance if more than 25 entries received).