Bidding Opens May 10 and closes at 8pm on June 11

Thank you to the following companies who have generously provided products for the online auction

Prize:  Bates Saddles – voucher for ‘saddle of choice’

Creators of truly innovative saddle solutions, Bates Saddles offer a range of highly specialised saddles for every discipline. Bid to win a Bates saddle of your choice and fulfill your true potential!  NEW: “Total elegance meets high performance in an iconic dressage saddle that is state of the art. The Bates Isabell Icon stands alone in freeing your horse’s full scope of movement and conveying your aids clearly. Strengthening your natural position and enhancing your intuitive connection, through saddle innovation and career experience. Your journey starts here.”

Prize:  1 Litre Epitalis Forte

4CYTE™ EPIITALIS® FORTE is a natural, premium daily supplement, backed by science and used to support normal joint health in horses and dogs, as well as the athletic demands of performance and working horses at any age or stage of their career. Simply add it to the daily feed.  We have 9 x 1 litre packs available in the online auction.  We look forward to seeing you in the Trade Village

Prize:  Looking for a different type of ice boot? Our Cooling/Compression Ice boots have the following features:

  1. Longer than most other ice boots – full coverage from above knee to top of coronary band.
  2. Made from a reflective NASA approved material – not black neoprene like most others – so doesn’t absorb heat or get soggy.
  3. Removable Gel Packs. Easy to remove gel packs can be popped in the freezer fast and efficiently.
  4. Individually shaped vertical gel channels inside. Many gel packs are ‘open shape’ so that the gel freezes in one hard block and is hard to wrap around your horse’s leg.
  5. Four Straps so that the boots can be fastened to stay in place.
  6. Compression Bulb. Tests show that Cooling (Cryotherapy) PLUS Compression offers better benefits than just Cryotherapy alone (see the ‘technology’ tab on our website home page for more details.)
  7. Pocket for Compression Bulb. Boots have a back pocket to be able to store the Compression Bulb once used so it doesn’t drag on the floor.
  8. Sturdy Carry Case bag provided to store and transport boots.

View the product in the Trade Village

Prize: 3 sets of 2 paddock feeders & 1 set of 3 paddock feeders

Our paddock feed bins have been developed by horse people for horse people. Deeper than other feed bins on the market, and specifically designed to reduce the likelihood of being tipped over and thrown around, the Duncan Equine, Equine Feed Bin reduces waste and provides a safe and durable paddock feed bin option.


  • 94cm  x 94cm  x 27cm high
  • Long lasting, reduced feed wastage.
  • Made of High molecular weight polyethylene.
  • Australian Made

The online auction offers three sets of 2 feeders and a group of 3 feeders

Prize: Antares leather Halter & lead rope

Antares Australia:  Custom saddles, helmets and accessories handmade in France. If you would like to enquire about a unique handcrafted saddle, specific to your measurements, or any other Antares products, please visit Antares Australia in the Trade Village.

Prize: Point Two Pro Air Jacket in black, valued at $899.00

The Point Two ProAir is the lightweight, durable, safety air vest which is the choice by riders all over the world. With the fastest trigger system on the market is it the number one choice for every rider. From hacking and schooling to eventing and polo. It inflates in the blink of an eye to protect the rider in the event of a fall.

How the ProAir works: The air jacket is inflated by a canister of C02, stored on the front of the jacket. When the rider separates from the saddle, the canister is activated by the release of a lanyard that is clipped from the jacket onto an attachment on the saddle. The air bags will inflate within one tenth of a second — roughly equivalent to the blink of an eye.

The ProAir will hold the rider tight for 15-20 seconds and then slowly deflate over two to three minutes. While the jacket is inflated, the rider will continue to have full movement of their waist, arms and legs, and partial movement of their head.

Areas of protection: The ProAir vest has been proved to work in three ways; to distribute pressure, absorb shock and support the spinal column in the event of a fall. When inflated, the airbag system offers the collar of the neck and trunk more support, thus reducing the risk of over bending the spinal column.

Prize:  JS Anatomic Stirrups- Titanium RRP $379

JS “ANATOMIC” have been designed and engineered to provide supreme comfort between your foot and stirrup.

An Anatomic and Ergonomic footbed with a wide diamond grip to offer superior grip and support. A right and left footed stirrup!  Designed to help *reduce the severity of soreness in ankles, shins, knees and hips, particularly for those who spend hours in the saddle.  Designed by a rider and working with our engineering team this JS Anatomic Stirrup is a game changer.

Prize: Grandeur fleece horse rug (RRP $249.95) & one dressage saddle pad ($99.95) & one jumping saddle pad ($99.95) by Iconic Equestrian

Grandeur Fleece Rug combines luxury and comfort into one stunning rug. Perfect for those who want their horse to stay warm yet stylish. Our Grandeur Fleece Rug features heavy weight premium breathable double fleece, with a comfortable sherpa underside for that added luxury. High end Leather accents and special white embroidery compliment the rug, and our absolute favourite feature, the plush ultra luxe fluffy faux fur neck, really ties the whole rug together and finishes it off in an unmatched style.


Designed for the rider who values simplicity, comfort and subtleness, our new Iconic Original UNO Hi-Cut saddlepads offer all of the above (and more!) in an affordable yet stylish package. Made from 100% high quality cotton fabric, and shaped to anatomically fit your horse and saddle, we are so excited to be offering these as our first release in our ‘Uno’ range (no LinerPad system). Our Uno Hi-Cuts also feature a high wither design, subtle yet stunning embroidered logo, spatially designed quilting pattern and our new favorite feature, the name of the saddlepads colour embroidered on the spine (no more guessing what your saddlepad is called!).