Registrations open Thursday 23 April and the activity will run for two weeks. All videos and photographs must be submitted by 8 May 2020

• Entrants must register online prior to submitting video and photographs
• Register online at: https://m3de.com.au/virtual-young-horse-signup/
• Workout details and jump layout information is available below and online. Download full information at: https://m3de.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2020/04/YEH-Arena-LayoutV2.pdf
• Entrants are required to submit a continuous video approximately two (2) minutes long (no video can be longer than 2 minutes 30 seconds). No editing. The video should contain the prescribed flat workout followed by a four (4) jump pattern on a 60m x 20m area. See our demo video online https://m3de.com.au/demonstration-workout-and-images/.
• Entrants are required to submit three photos of their horse, unsaddled & no boots.
One front on including showing front legs, one left profile of the entire horse & one right profile of the entire horse. See photo examples online https://m3de.com.au/demonstration-workout-and-images/ .
• To be a valid entry: after registering via the MI3DE website https://m3de.com.au/virtual-young-horse-signup/ entrants should then upload a post to Facebook with their video, photos, and hashtags.


One hashtag #eqsaddleworld and another @mi3de and one more hashtag which begins with #auseventyh and then includes the class and their state.

For example

A 4 year old from Victoria would be #auseventyh4vic #eqsaddleworld  @mi3de

A 5 year old from NSW would be #auseventyh5nsw #eqsaddleworld  @mi3de

A 6 year old from Queensland would be #auseventyh6qld #eqsaddleworld  @mi3de

A 4 year old from South Australia would be #auseventyh4sa #eqsaddleworld  @mi3de

A 5 year old from Western Australia would be #auseventyh5wa #eqsaddleworld  @mi3de

A 6 year old from Tasmania would be #auseventyh6tas #eqsaddleworld  @mi3de

If your horse is OTT you should add that hashtag #offthetrack

• Age group winners from each state are required to post a photograph of their horse in the EQ Armour prize rug and tag #eqsaddleworld #mi3de


Neat attire with compliant helmet and jumping gear, may include boots on horses. Plaiting preferred.


The workout will commence from the arena edge near V
V Walk to the centreline and turn left to X
X Walk towards S and pick up trot, at S commence a 20 metre circle right around to X
X Change onto the left rein, 20 metre circle
X Canter left 20 metre circle
X Canter right 20 metre circle (change through trot)
X Left canter to the wall b/w V & K and continue to the vertical jump followed by the oxer
H Change rein across the diagonal and jump the vertical backwards continuing around to the oxer at E finish filming at M

Show-jump equipment – Please note that the vertical can only be two poles and the oxers three poles. No fill, no planks, no rails on the ground. Please refer to the diagram for the
layout of jumps.

Video notes– videographer stands 1m behind S, no editing, you can zoom but must always have all the horse and rider in the frame. Please avoid extreme closeups.